Reach One Child Jamaica is a grassroots foundation dedicated to providing need-based scholarships, motivational and mentorship programs for youths in Jamaica. Reach One Child Jamaica also works closely with youths from inner- city and disenfranchised communities by raising public awareness to issues that affect the youths as well as helping and empowering youths both in and out of school to create job opportunities through education, sports as well as the arts. Reach Once Child supports community building and work with several community sports programs to promote youth talent in areas such as netball, basketball and football.

Reach One Child Jamaica is nonpartisan and works closely with other charities, activists and policy makers. Reach One Child Jamaica has also supported and sponsored several local and international charity campaigns such as Jamaica Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the Wysinco/Yoplait Jamaica ‘Save Lids to Save Life’ Breast Cancer Campaign.

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