The Reach One Child Jamaica School Tour is our mentorship and motivational initiative to positively engage kids who are sometimes faced with challenges while simultaneously trying to figure out where to fit in and how to be cool among their peers. Reach One Child recognizes that many times these decisions have significant impact on the lives of Jamaican children.


April 2012 marked the inception of the Reach One Child Jamaica School Tour which was entitled “How We Living”.  The “How We Living Tour” promoted the importance of making the right CHOICES to guarantee a more positive and secure future for each student. The students, ranged between the ages of 11 years – 18 years, were encourage to create a “LIFE” plan and engage in a lively conversation with members of the R.O.C Team as well as guests speakers on issues such as Education, Teen Pregnancy, Gang Violence  amongst several other real life issues.


Some of the schools visited included, Donald Quarry High School, Gaynstead High School, Dunoon High School and Trench Town High School. The workshop was all about the student and teachers were allowed only to observe while students freely expressed themselves within the context of our discussions. Reach One Child Jamaica viewed this as an opportunity to lend a supporting voice to that of the school administrations through the several means. This included; use of personal stories, audio-visual presentation, multi-media discussions, as well as statistics gathered government bodies and popular songs to engage students in interactive discussion.



Reach One Child Jamaica will embark on its annual school tour in May 2013. This years tour is entitled “Eagles & Doves Tour” and will focus on students between the ages of 8 and 12 in government – aided primary and all-age schools.

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