Actress/ Singer

In our modern day parade of glamour, glitz and unmerited superstardom, Cherine has taken today’s road less traveled; the path of paying dues, cultivating her abilities and developing her signature Dancehall Soul sound; a mixture of reggae, dancehall, soul and r&b. Cherine has become one of Jamaica’s leading young female singer/songwriters and performers. Her genre defying grooves coupled with her powerful voice and thought provoking lyrics has brought her in front of well over 1,000,000 live audience fans. With a growing army of supporters, who she affectionately calls her “dancehall-SOULdiers”, she has had the privilege of steadily touring in places such as Jamaica, Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA.

The east Kingston bread native is a constant and consistent positive representative of Jamaica; from penning and directing chart topping videos for her inspirational songs such as “Eagles & Doves”, “How We Living”, “Kingston State of Mind” and “Shine On Jamaica”, to a stand out performance at the Inaugural Green Ball and Peace Ball during Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, high energy performance at the World Games Special Olympics to reaching the Billboard charts.  Cherine has made numerous appearances on television programs in Jamaica, Norway, France, Australia and the United States including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and twice appeared on the award winning local show Profile with Ian Boyne.

The foundation was started in 2003 from an effort organized by Cherine, while attending Middlebury College, with the support of college to raise funds in support of victims of hurricane Ivan. Realizing that more people could be helped through the efforts, the movement was expanded to help Jamaican youths all over the island with the help of her manager/business partner Patrick Lindsay, giving way to the birth to Reach One Child Jamaica.


Through Reach One Child Jamaica foundation, she remains committed to providing motivational and inspiration talks as well as need based scholarships to youths in Jamaica. In the spring of 2012 Cherine and Reach One Child Jamaica embarked on the R.O.C Jamaica School Tour, with a mission to engage teens in inner-city communities in motivational talks and discussions on topics such as teen pregnancy, violence, violence against women as well as making education their priority, in order to secure a better future.

2013 gives birth to further expansion, with the establishment of a R.O.C scholarship Fund , which will see deserving students with verifiable financial need across the island getting grants for the coming high school year.  Determined to keep following her light, Cherine continues to evolve as a woman, an entertainer and humanitarian, ever poised for new heights.